About Us


Washington Arms Collectors, a non-profit corporation, hereinafter abbreviated “WAC” or the “corporation,” provides a forum for collectors of arms and their accouterments to exchange these objects and information about them in a setting of fellowship and camaraderie, in order to foster research, education and publication concerning arms and their relationship to history.

The corporation also seeks to broaden the interest of the general public in arms collecting. The corporation fosters the collection, possession and ownership of such objects, consistent with all applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.

WAC is a NRA affiliated membership organization that puts on Washington States largest gun shows. Our largest show in Puyallup fills up to 1,200 tables and our Monroe shows usually fills over 300 tables, making a WAC show a major event. You won’t find a friendlier pro-gun event or one with a better selection of firearms, ammunition, knives, militaria and accessories. We have something to interest everyone at every age.

Only WAC Members are able to buy, sell and trade firearms at our shows or carry firearms into any of our venues.

Joining WAC costs as little as $45 a year and exempts you from gate fees, includes a subscription to Gun News and you help support some of the largest and most effective firearms advocacy groups in the state of Washington. If you attend only 5 of the nearly 20 shows that WAC holds each year your membership pays for itself. We welcome you to join WAC and enjoy the benefits of being a member.

WAC members tend to vote in above average numbers in city, county, state and federal elections and with a membership in the thousands are a politically effective force.

The Officers and Directors of the Washington Arms Collectors are volunteers who are elected by and serve at the pleasure of the Membership. Members are the ultimate owners of and authority in the Washington Arms Collectors.